Scott Sakakihara – for Union City Council

Strengthening Union City for the Next Generation

Scott Sakakihara is committed to making Union City a place where working and middle class families can make it in the Bay Area.

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Made In Union City

Scott Sakakihara has deep roots in Union City. He and his brother spent their childhoods playing in our public parks, taking swim lessons at Logan, and spending hours in classes and camps at Holly Center and Kennedy Center. He met his wife, Melinda, at Pioneer Elementary School, received a great public education, and went on to become a Harvard-trained lawyer and Navy Reservist, thanks to the opportunities created in Union City.

Now, Scott and Melinda are raising their son and daughter in Union City, and Scott is running for City Council, District 4 to help preserve what’s great about Union City while making progress on our toughest challenges in a way that lifts everyone up and provides opportunities for future generations to thrive.


“Serving on the Planning Commission, I have helped local government solve real-life problems. I believe that leaders need to listen, bring people together, and act with conviction.”

— Scott Sakakihara

Real Solutions to Tough Challenges

Union City is a great place to live, but we’re living in the epicenter of a housing crisis, small businesses were struggling even before the pandemic, low wage workers have needed extra help for too long, and we must continue providing excellent public services. This is a critical time to address our toughest challenges.


Union City is a great place to raise a family, and to keep it that way, we need to create housing options for all income levels including affordable housing. We can continue to develop the Greater Station District, we can promote infill housing near transit, and to help homeowners and small property owners create new housing, we can support and streamline the process for building accessory dwelling units. We must do our part to solve this crisis.


We’re next door to the tech capital of the world. We can bring more tech, biomedical, and other growth industries into our local business and commercial districts. The pandemic has taught us the importance of creating sustainable jobs at all levels, especially for local small businesses, and including in the hospitality industry. We also have a unique opportunity to support construction jobs as we convert warehouses and industrial complexes into offices, R&D, and light manufacturing.


We are experiencing the real impacts of climate change everyday, from hotter weather to rising sea levels here in Union City and throughout the Bay Area. We must do our part and update Union City’s Climate Action Plan to set stronger emission targets and implement policies that will reduce pollution by focusing development near mass transit, strengthening energy efficiency standards for buildings, and reducing the environmental impact of the city’s own infrastructure and vehicles.


We need to renew our investment in streets and public transportation, lights for our streets and parks, trees, and public safety and fire protection. Whether it’s the nuts and bolts like filling a pothole or fixing broken playground equipment, or broader issues like social services, crisis intervention, and solutions to homelessness, Scott will be working for our community.


We have great parks in Union City, but we have to maintain and improve them, and we can even create new outdoor spaces to accompany new housing and by partnering with local schools to make school playgrounds community spaces. Scott will make sure our community programs remain accessible to all income levels, so every kid, family, and senior has access to the great resources that Union City has to offer — just like Scott had here as a kid.


As we come out of the pandemic, Union City faces an intense need to invest in our community and the dire financial challenges that come with the hardships we’ve all faced together. We must put COVID relief funding to work on our most critical priorities to help our community recover and make sure we’re running a balanced, deficit-free budget as required by state law.